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Porter: I can’t live on the street with my children!

Porter: I can’t live on the street with my children!

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The woes of Green Hill resident Josyann Porter, a security guard, continue. In fact, the woman says that the situation is now worse.{{more}}

Porter’s dilemma was first highlighted in SEARCHLIGHT back in April of 2008. At the time she lamented that she and her three sons were being forced out of their one bedroom, wooden abode after Vonley Haynes contended that he had legal right to the land.

Porter and her family have been occupying the spot for almost 15 years, after she got permission from her now deceased grandmother to put up her house there.

However, Haynes proceeded to begin construction of a building on the said property blocking in her house.

The distraught woman visited the offices of SEARCHLIGHT recently to again address the issue.

She disclosed that Haynes resumed construction on the building sometime in August of this year.

She also claimed that Haynes told her that if she did not move her house by Saturday, September 25, he would “break it down and throw it in the river.” However, this did not happen.

Porter also said that her sons complained of being harassed by the workmen and that one of the men had even threatened one of her sons.

The woman recalled a conversation that she had with Haynes in which he gave her the assurance that he would provide her with an alternative portion of land and assist her with some building materials; a promise he also made to her mother.

But the single parent said that since that time, nothing has been done.

“From how he behaving, he just want me to move,” Porter told SEARCHLIGHT.

The woman said that she would like for the relevant authorities to look into the matter. She emphasized that the issue is of serious concern to her because she has no other place to live.

“I just want somewhere to live because I can’t live on the street with my children,” she said.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted Haynes on Sunday afternoon for his side of the story, he rudely stated before putting down his phone: “Watch nah, hey, watch nah, I don’t have no time with you nor she.”