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Fife brings hope to Ottley Hall

Fife brings hope to Ottley Hall

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Unity Labour Party (ULP) parliamentary hopeful for the West Kingstown constituency, Senator Michelle Fife, has made a plea for her potential constituents to stay strong.{{more}}

Fife, who was speaking at her first political meeting in the constituency village of Ottley Hall last Thursday, September 23, delivered a message of hope and a brighter future for them.

“I come with good news; and the good news is that I will reach you.”

The sun might be hot and blazing, rain might be falling, the road might be slippery and I might even fall down, but I will reach you.”

“I offer energy. I offer fresh ideas, new concepts and accessibility.”

The 2001 winner of the Miss SVG crown and a practicing lawyer, Fife will contest the West Kingstown seat in place of incumbent representative Rene Baptiste, who passed the baton after two terms as the area representative.

She said that she acknowledged that the residents of the area were disgruntled, mainly because of issues with infrastructure, but warned them that a change in government was not the solution to their problems.

“Cast your mind on the bigger picture…. The ULP administration has heard the cries of the people of Ottley Hall. We have listened to what you have had to say…. Politics is not limited to light, water and road. I come to tell you that there is a new hope; there is s brighter future if you support the ULP.”

“Strides are being made to uplift the community of Ottley Hall. The Unity Labour Party is the only party that can push the country forward. Change of government from ULP is not the answer.

Fife also took the opportunity to take a swipe at the man who she is likely to come up against when General Elections, constitutionally due by March 2011, are called.

She said that she had pondered how someone who had stoned a church would be allowed by his party to contest general elections a second time, but the answer came to her last week.

“When the founder of a party can get up and blaspheme the name of Christ and when religious leaders who persecute the Prime Minister are unusually silent, it’s a concern.”

“Will you allow a party that has no respect for the name of Jesus Christ to put you on a highway of governance in this country again? We say no to blasphemers, no to people who stone church and yes to Christ; yes to the love of God.”

“The New Democratic Party (NDP) has not yet demonstrated that they are ready to sojourn the highways of governance in this country… and I am going to ensure that the message of the ULP does not die off, so I am appealing to all supporters of the ULP: Do not be disheartened and downtrodden.”

Fife, who was described by other speakers who took to the podium that night as courageous, vivacious and an excellent representative, appealed on the party supporters not to be faint hearted in the battle that is ahead.

“Weeping may endure for a night,” she said. “And the night for the community of Ottley Hall has been very long in relation to certain issues, but hold on, a better day is coming. Joy is coming and that is why comrade Rene has passed the baton.”

“Don’t give up on us because we have not given up on you.” (JJ)