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Dr. Thompson: Vynette Frederick should apologise to nation

Dr. Thompson: Vynette Frederick should apologise to nation

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Minister of Telecommunication Dr. Jerrol Thompson is calling for Public Relations Officer of the New Democratic Party (NDP), Vynette Frederick, to apologize to the nation for statements that she has made online.{{more}}

The minister was referring to an advert on the popular video sharing site YouTube, where Frederick on behalf of the NDP appealed to viewers to assist her party financially in preparation for the upcoming general elections, which is constitutionally due by March next year.

Thompson addressing ULP party faithful at Green Hill Junction, where he spoke in solidarity of newcomer Elvis Charles on Thursday night, said that his government and ministry has done a lot to open up the Internet and telecommunications market and that Frederick’s statement was an insult to this country.

“Vinnie Frederick has gone on Internet and said that there is no Internet freedom here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in order to collect five dollars. I think that that is a disgrace and she should apologize to the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

The minister paralleled the Internet campaign to that of a scam.

“Sometimes there are people who go around with a sheet of paper to say they have cancer or to say that they have some sort of disease to collect money when they don’t have anything at all,” said Thompson.

“… Vincentians are not going to tolerate people trying to fool people in the outside world and trying to stain the name of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in that way,” he warned

The North Leeward incumbent warned ULP supporters that more attacks and propaganda will be levelled against the ULP and that supporters should be on their guard.

“Over the upcoming months, you are gonna be hearing more lies from the NDP and we don’t want you to be fooled. Leacock, Eustace, Lynch and all of them will be coming down with a whole set of lies, and some persons are going to believe some of these things,” said Thompson.