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Union Island ECSSS grants two scholarships

Union Island ECSSS  grants two scholarships

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The Union Island Easterval Committee, in fulfilling its social responsibility of improving community development, has unveiled its newest initiative, the Easterval Committee Secondary School Scholarship (ECSSS).{{more}}

The scholarship provides financial support to two recipients selected by the Easterval Committee, from a list of eligible candidates identified by the principal of the Union Island Secondary School (UISS).

The scholarship is intended to offset some of the costs associated with attending secondary school. The funds will be disbursed in three instalments, coinciding with the beginning of each school term. The scholarships are recurring and can be maintained for the duration of the recipients’ secondary education as long as they continue to achieve an acceptable academic level.

The 2010 recipients of the ECSSS are Delroy Laborde and Zoe Polson of Clifton and Ashton, Union Island, respectively. The cheques were handed over to the recipients in a humble ceremony at the UISS on September 10, 2010. The recipients expressed their sincere appreciation and commitment to achieving the level of academic performance necessary to maintain their scholarships.