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Murray: “Brewing the product is serious business”

Murray: “Brewing the product is serious business”

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To some people, Fergal Murray, Guinness Brew Master, has the best job in the world.{{more}}

And as the custodian of the mystical magic for perhaps the most popular beer in the world, he would probably agree that it is.

“If Sir Arthur was alive, he’d be doing what I’m doing,” Murray told SEARCHLIGHT during his visit to St Vincent last Thursday, September 9.

“He’d be out drinking with the business partners, talking to his customers and coming back and making our beer even better, and that’s what I do,” Murray said.

So then what is the best part of the brew master’s job?

He has been affiliated with the Guinness brand for over 26 years and knows all the secrets, and according to Murray, he still loves being associated with what has now become a legacy.

“After all the traveling and as the brew master, I walk into a bar and I meet the owner then I get to see the people drinking Guinness, and it is a pleasure to see the joy on their face,” he said.

“I have to respect that and I have to match that respect by saying thanks from the Brewery.”

“When you see people all over the world enjoying your brand, that’s something positive,” he said.

Most importantly, Murray says his job takes him across the globe to observe the daily operations of breweries throughout countries where Guinness is available and to ensure that they adhere to the standards which has earned the drink its reputation.

“I like to see the brewing part of it, this shows off how wonderful it (Guinness) is made,” he said, adding that they keep abreast with what brewers worldwide are doing.

“We know these people are doing a good job,” he explained, adding that brewing the product is serious business.

When he is not traveling, Murray said that he is tucked away ensuring that the Guinness quality remains second to none.

It is quite evident that he has a passion for his job.

For Murray, the role of Guinness brew master is a role of pride and he loves his job and he loves his Guinness. (DD)