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Bless us Pre-school celebrates 6 years

Bless us Pre-school celebrates 6 years

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Bless us Pre-School & Daycare of Redemption Sharpes is celebrating its 6th anniversary of God’s blessings.{{more}}

A release from the school said they look forward to many more anniversaries, with one of the school’s goals being to own a place of its own, so that the development of the community can continue.

The school also seeks to inspire and establish the principles of Christ.

Started physically in a small apartment with few assets, the school has developed with the first group of students writing the Common Entrance Examination in 2011. The school believes that with God they’ll be successful. The school has accommodated children from various parts of the country, as well as international students.

The teachers are well trained and use updated information in their lessons.

The school acknowledged that they have encountered challenges over the years, but with God’s intervention they were brought under control, and made staff members better, the release said.

“In the beginning, we started with pre-schoolers. Since then, we added a daycare and extended time to accommodate our parents,” the release said.

The pre-school hosted an appreciation day on Friday, September 10, for the community and parents.

The release said the school works on the triangular concept of children at the top, with parents and the community at the two angles at the bottom. God, they say, is in the middle and at each side of the triangle, with Christ at the head.

Each year, the school makes donations to the community, families and the elderly, the release said.

The school expressed thanks to God, the hardworking and dedicated staff members, Maria Williams, the dedicated community and many others who helped.

School motto: Forever we’re blessed from above to serve.