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New executive for Vincentian Students Association (VINSA)

New executive for Vincentian Students Association (VINSA)

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The end of the academic year 2009-2010 marked the end of tenure of the Executive of The Vincentian Students Association (VINSA).{{more}}

The incoming executive, a group of dynamic, young vincentian students, was elected in March by the Vincentian population at the Cave Hill campus to lead them for the upcoming year 2010-2011.

The new executive reads: President – Kezron Walters, Vice President – James Ballantyne, Secretary – Zhinga Charles, Treasurer – Akeem Mckend, Public Relations Officer – Dalano DaSouza, Cultural and Entertainment Chairperson – Maridonna Burgin, Sports Representative – Andy Baptiste, Welfare Officer – Sophia Jardine, Liaison Officer – Shanez Charles, Returning Officer – Yaphet Niles, Hall Representative – Kimberley Cambridge.

These elections came at the end of an academic year where Vincentian students all but took over the Cave Hill Campus. Vincentians make up the largest group of non-nationals to receive first class honours, with Vanassa Ateisha Bishop being named Valedictorian and Kamal Wood receiving the ever prestigious Rhodes Scholarship for the Commonwealth region.

Outside academia, Vincentians have also been shining in sports. At the UWI Inter-Campus games in Trinidad students such as Ladonna John, Jerald Johnson, Dominic White, Miles Bascombe, Romel Currency and Saskia Diamond among others excelled in their respective fields.

Vincentian students have also delved into the realm of student governance, with the Guild of Students 2010-2011 boasting three Vincentians acting as Secretary, Returning Officer and Hall of Residence Chairman. Several other Vincentians also serve on other committees and associations in different capacities. The recently elected VINSA Executive is hoping to follow in the footsteps of past executives and have VINSA voted the Best Island Association three years running by being a pillar of strength, support and encouragement for students so that Vincentians at Cave Hill can continue to keep our flag flying high and proud.