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Thomas: Strive for greatness

Thomas: Strive for greatness

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Students from various secondary schools accross St. Vincent and the Grenadines have been encouraged to strive for greatness far beyond their current goals.{{more}}

This advice came from Raianna Thomas, featured speaker at the Rotary Club annual George Phillips Excellence Awards Ceremony. The ceremony, which awards outstanding fourth form students, took place at the Methodist Church Hall on Thursday, May 3, 2010.

The ceremony also included remarks from President of the Rotary Club, Kirk Da Silva, and Senior Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Carlton Hall.

Thomas, delivering the keynote address, drew from personal experience, informing the students of steps to take to succeed in high school and college.

Thomas encouraged the students present to take advantage of resources such as past examination papers, a syllabus outline and good textbooks to excel at secondary school and college.

She, however, warned that the shift from nine subjects in secondary school to just about four at Community College does not mean that there is more free time. “Don’t take them (A’Levels) as a joke,”Thomas stressed.

Thomas, a past recipient of the George Phillips Award, also advised the students to start thinking of their career choices, adding that uncertainty about a career is normal at that stage.

“Know that it is okay not to know. Get yourself a teacher that you trust, sit down and seriously consider it!” she said.

Thomas further stressed the importance of attaining a university education, as it makes a person more competitive. She added that students should strive for excellence in all areas of their lives, not only in academics but also in developing an outstanding character.

“Strive for greatness that is bigger than the village you come from, bigger than this little island. Strive for greatness that is outside the box, outside the world, and know that it is possible because you can do whatever you put your mind to, “ Thomas said.

Each student received a certificate of excellence as well as $100 to open an account at the National Commercial Bank. The students also received a copy of the novel “Be Inspired” by Dr Jules Ferdinand.