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Students turn trash into treasure

Students turn trash into treasure

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Students of the Liberty Lodge pre-school turned their trash into treasure, creating pieces for their classroom exhibition.{{more}}

The pre-school, run by the New Testament Chuch of God, at Liberty Lodge, held an open day and exhibition on Wednesday as part of the 2010 Child Month Activities.

Sticking to the child month’s theme “Healthy Environment, Healthy Child”, the school recycled materials that are usually thrown away, which lend to pollution of the surroundings.

Supervisor and manager of the school, Noreen Mason, explained to Searchlight that the children used materials such as toilet paper rolls, juice boxes, cardboard boxes and old newspapers to create pieces of art.

The art pieces include pencil holders, and wastepaper baskets made from toilet paper rolls, hand purses and flowers made from used juice boxes, as well as collages and table mats made from old newspapers.

The students, ranging from age three to four, were assisted by their teachers in making the art pieces. Mason added that the project seeks to enhance the students’ creativity and to create future manufacturers.

The parents of the children as well as neighboring preschools and primary schools also visited the exhibition on Wednesday.(OS)