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Jones is NDP’s man on Boundaries Commission

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Former Supervisor of Elections Selwyn Jones has been named as the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) nominee on the Constituency Boundaries Commission amidst unresolved concerns by the party.{{more}}

This disclosure was made by leader of the party Arnhim Eustace at a press conference held at Democrat House on Wednesday.

Eustace indicated that Jones’ nomination was forwarded to the Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne on Wednesday, May 19.

The Opposition Leader said that Jones, who was also the party’s choice on the previous boundaries commission, was the appropriate person for the post, since he has the experience and knowledge in matters of that nature.

Eustace further stated that the nomination was made despite Sir Frederick’s failure to directly comment on issues raised by him in previous correspondence.

“I did so after pointing out that I need clarification on (the fact) that the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines had as recently as in the referendum of November 25, 2009 rejected resoundingly the proposed increase in the size of parliament including the specific proposal to add two constituencies.”

‘He has replied indicating that parliament has in fact passed the legislation and he urged us to make our appointment,” Eustace said.

Jones joins lawyer Arthur Williams, who is the government’s nominee on the commission, and Aldric Williams who is the chairman. (JJ)