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11-year-old wins with text of his special mother

11-year-old wins with text of his special mother

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A successful Mother’s Day promotion ended in fine style for a lucky mother from Belair. LIME, this country’s only full telecommunications service provider, gave its customers a chance to text the reason why their mom is special.{{more}} Eleven-year-old student of Belair Government School, Abita Hamilton, is the lucky winner, and he said: “I love my mom because she takes care of us and sends us to school. She gives us good food to eat, juice to drink and books to read.” His mother’s name is Agatha Mapp.

When contacted, Agatha was extremely elated and said “Abita is a child who is always texting on my phone and I never stop him, so I am glad there is some reward after all. I always wanted a BlackBerry handset since LIME came out with BlackBerry Revolution because BlackBerry is the handset of choice.”

Abita graciously donated the handset to his mom as her gift for Mother’s Day.

As the British Premiere League comes to an end this weekend, some of LIME’s customers have been taking advantage of the sponsorship with Sportsman. Melissa Envil is the lucky winner of the first draw when she took part in the text promotion to text the word “Football” to 8326.

Melissa, an Arsenal fan, won an Arsenal authentic football team shirt.

Congratulations are in order for the LIME winners of the week Agatha Mapp and Melissa Envil.