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Priceless information

Priceless information

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For the pharmacists at the Corea’s City Store, it’s not a simple case of “take two of these three times a day”.{{more}}

The persons responsible for dispensing medication try their best to interact as much as possible with their clients, and in the process also dispense valuable information that would be beneficial to the client’s health.

This customary interaction by the store that claims to have ‘almost everything’ is being emphasized even more forcefully with the introduction of “Meet The Pharmacists Day”, every second and fourth Wednesday of the month.

On those days, pharmacists Granfell Francis and Aquanna Gill will go the extra mile answering the queries and concerns of the persons visiting the pharmacy.

The pharmacists pointed out that apart from their advice, the store will offer free of charge professional blood pressure and blood sugar checks, conducted by a nurse.

Nurse Anita Williams joined Francis who has five years of service at Corea’s, and Gill, who has been employed at the store for two years, in stressing the importance of persons having their blood and sugar levels checked on a regular basis.

According to the medical specialists, persons over the age of 40 years should have their blood and sugar levels checked at least twice per year, while younger folks should be checked annually, or in both cases, as recommended by their doctors.

Francis and Gill indicated that they are looking forward to meeting with customers on a daily basis, especially on Wednesdays when the customers can have their free health checks.(JJ)