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NDP to bring Ministry of Private Sector

NDP to bring Ministry of Private Sector

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If the New Democratic Party (NDP) wins the next general elections, a Ministry of the Private Sector will be established.{{more}}

Party Leader Arnhim Eustace disclosed this on the New Times Radio programme on Monday.

Eustace, who is also Leader of the Opposition, said his party believes the role of the private sector should be substantially increased from what obtains at present and criticized the involvement of Government in areas he felt should be managed by the private sector.

“One wants to go to state control and we want to have more private sector development. And in this context, one of the decisions that we have already taken, and it will appear in our manifesto, is that we are going to have a Ministry of the Private Sector,” Eustace said.

“We must provide the environment, the incentives, the stability of our finances, which we don’t have now, in order to encourage the private sector to become more and more involved in the economy.”

The Leader of the Opposition said this approach to private sector development is the fundamental difference between the NDP and the Unity Labour Party (ULP).