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LIME award goes to Bethel High School student

LIME award goes to Bethel High School student

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LIME, St Vincent and the Grenadines leading communications company, is again in the news for excellent work. This time LIME has teamed up with the Ministry of Education to reward students from primary and secondary schools for scholastic achievements in the May/June 2009 CSEC and Common Entrance examinations.{{more}} Among the many students receiving awards was eighteen-year-old Safiya McKenzie, former student of the Bethel High School, Camden Park. Safiya copped the LIME award for the student with the Best Results after Remediation. For her outstanding performance, Safiya received the coveted trophy along with a Lenovo Netbook and six months FREE Internet compliments LIME.

LIME General Manager Angus Steele said: “We have again placed this sponsorship in our yearly calendar since it fits nicely with our core elements for sponsorship and our commitment to our youth and the communities we serve. Additionally, one of our targets via our 5C’s for our company across the Caribbean is for the work we do in the Community where Education is a key initiative. Along with education, culture and sports have also been placed firmly on our calendar. Recently we have adapted CARIFTA as one of our core sponsorship across the Caribbean and we all know of our involvement in our biggest cultural festival, Carnival. All of these commitments are important to youth development. The Ministry should consider rewarding the teacher with the best results in future ceremonies, since this can set up competition among other teachers, and believe me competition brings out the best in all of us.”

Safiya McKenzie was registered as a student at the Bethel High School from September 2004 until July 2009, when she graduated. During this time she progressed to the Fifth Form and was registered for ten (10) subjects at CXC/CSEC in the May/June 2009 Examinations. She obtained passes in nine subjects Accounts, English A, Math, Office Administration, French, Spanish, Integrated Science, Art and Principles of Business (POB).

Safiya made a positive contribution to her school life. She was involved in sports, modern languages club, vice president of the Young leaders and leader of the music band where she was the piano player. Clearly, she has an aptitude for the Performing Arts and is a well rounded student.

During her tenure at Bethel, she was the top student in every class. Her conduct and decorum were more than satisfactory. Her overall attendance and punctuality records were good. Safiya enjoyed a good relationship with her peers and her teachers alike. Safiya presently attends the Community College and is hoping to pursue a career in Accounting and Business Management.

Safiya was very pleased to receive this award and commented: “I am grateful for this LIME General Manager’s Award and this will serve as motivation for me to overcome any obstacles in my way to get my goals. I had to go through the process of remediation to get this far and nothing can stand in my way.”

The management and staff of LIME extend congratulations to the Ministry of Education, teachers and students who continue to take advantage of the Education revolution.