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Beache: deShong’s death being made political

Beache: deShong’s death being made political

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Minister of Tourism Glen Beache is disgusted that the drowning of Daphne Deane-de Shong at Rawacou on Easter Monday has been turned into an issue of politics.{{more}}

The Minister, addressing the nation on the issue last Wednesday, April 14, 2010, at the NIS Conference Room, joined Commissioner of Police Keith Miller, Director of the National Parks Authority Andrew Wilson, and Deputy Commander of the Coast Guard Deon Henry, in expressing sorrow about Deane-de Shong’s death before delving into the issues surrounding the matter.

Commenting on what has evolved since Deane-de Shong’s death, Beache said some critics have made a political issue of the matter by questioning whether life guards were present on the beach, what the National Parks had in place, and what were the police doing.

Amidst the developing issues, the minister and his team used the opportunity to speak of safety measures that people need to take, especially when bathing at Rawacou.

The public was asked to be vigilant at all times and to obey the signs that are placed at various ends of the beach. Parents and caretakers were also asked to keep a watchful eye on children.

An appeal was also made for individuals to look out for each other.

It was disclosed that more signs will be placed at Rawacou warning people against bathing in the dangerous open sea, as well as two trained lifeguards.

At the press conference, it was also announced that a nominal fee will be charged within the next three months for persons to enter the recreational sites across the country.

Beache reminded the nation that this fee would not even be able to cover the maintenance cost of the sites.

He said that people want the best in terms of high standards but they are sometimes reluctant to pay.

He expressed optimism that Vincentians visiting the sites will support the initiative to pay a small fee to enter and have a great time as they utilize the sites.

Minister Beache, however, stated that before he demits office, he would like to have the Rhythm and Blues Festival staged at Rawacou.

It was disclosed that plans are in the pipeline to build another pool at Rawacou, a play ground, and a volley ball court.

Rawacou is one of 14 recreation sites which have been developed by the European Union and the Government of St.Vincent and the Grenadines, and have been placed in the care National Parks Authority.(HN)