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John’s first Jackpot winner for 2010

John’s first Jackpot winner for 2010

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St Elmo John is the National Lotteries Authority latest jackpot winner.{{more}}

John, a taxi driver from Choppins, was the sole jackpot winner in the Tuesday, March 30, draw of $161,000.

His actual take home amounts to $144, 900, but whatever it is, John said that he is quite contented.

“I was happy, just happy,” John said was his immediate reaction when he witnessed the draw that night.

The avid Lotto player said that he has been trying his luck for many years, even back when the National Lotteries Authority’s headquarters was located at the entrance to the customs department.

This is his best effort only having matched three numbers before.

John did not disclose any immediate plans for the money, but said that he intended on taking it easy.