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Daphne will always be remembered – LIME

Daphne will always be remembered – LIME

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Daphne Deane-deShong, LIME’s Customer Solutions Coordinator, who died tragically on Easter Monday, will for a long time, be remembered as the live wire of her department.{{more}}

Her co-workers, sharing memories of her on Tuesday, April 6, 2010, all spoke passionately of the drive she had to satisfy customers and motivate her co-workers.

Leslie Jack, LIME’s Head of Retail Sales and Services, told SEARCHLIGHT Deane-deShong will be missed tremendously.

Jack, who heads the department where Deane-deShong worked, was at a picnic when he heard of his colleague’s drowning at the Rawacou Beach.

“It basically brought what was initially a nice day to an end abruptly,” said Jack.

In an emotional interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Jack stated as the Customer Service Coordinator, Deane-deShong performed her role exemplarily in addressing customers’ complaints, as well as dealing with irate customers.

“She took on her role with much enthusiasm. So whether it’s an issue on the frontline or an issue with a customer bill or on the service delivery side where guys did not do what they should have done in the most efficient way…her role was to ensure that we maintained healthy relationships,” Jack explained.

Jack said he last spoke to Deane-de Shong on Thursday, April 1, 2010. During that meeting, he said she identified objectives her staff will pursue during this financial year.

The staff will now have to find the strength to carry on without her.

Deane-deShong will surely be missed, said Jack.

Recardo Jackson, Supervisor of E-Top Up Distribrition/Outside Sales and Dealership, was expecting to return to work on Tuesday totally refreshed after a three-week vacation, but his wishes were short lived.

With tears streaming down his face, Jackson disclosed that although he was on vacation, he and Deane-deShong were planning an event in support of their co-worker Dexter Walker, who lost his younger brother Clifford in a tragic accident on Monday, March 29, 2010.

“I remember she kept saying to me: ‘We have to be there for Dexter. We need to plan something, go by him, support him, be at his side in his bereavement’,” recalled Jackson, adding, “It’s very sad.”

Jackson said when he heard the news of Deane-de Shong’s demise, he told himself this couldn’t be happening, because it was just a few days earlier, he and his colleagues had to deal with the Walker tragedy.

“All the time I was driving to the hospital, I just couldn’t believe. I was saying, let it be another person. Let it be somebody else,” sighed Jackson. The young man told SEARCHLIGHT he only believed when he saw Deane-deShong’s relatives and her lifeless body at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

A Customer Service Representative, who interacted closely with Deane-de Shong but preferred to remain anonymous, said her former supervisor had a drive to satisfy customers.

“She would go to the last mile to satisfy a customer…Everybody knew when Dauphne was at work,” said the young woman, noting that Deane-deShong would stop at nothing to see customers’ needs were met.

Deane-de Shong is said to have developed a strong passion for God in the latter part of her life.

“She began reading. She began getting into things that were spiritual; things that we have never seen before. There was a complete turnaround in her life leading up to this tragedy,” the worker recalled.

Kimberly Roban, a counter clerk, remembers Deane-deShong as someone who was friendly and always happy, as well as someone who was approachable.

Roban last spoke to Deane-de Shong on Saturday, April 3, 2010.

“In times when life seems to be rough, she is always there to talk to you, giving you books to read, and quoting scriptures,” stated Roban, noting that one could always count on Deane-de Shong to look out for them.

Roban told SEARCHLIGHT when she heard of Deane-de Shong’s passing, she did not believe because on Saturday when they spoke, Deane-de Shong told her she was staying at home over the Easter weekend.

“As a supervisor, she was wonderful. She always battled, especially for counter staff. Battle to the last. I don’t know if we will be able to find somebody like Daphne again,” said Roban.

“I will miss her dearly,” Roban sighed, noting “Death does come to us when we least expect it. That’s why we should always be prepared.”