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Fire destroys Georgetown home – three homeless

Fire destroys Georgetown home – three homeless

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The Fire Department has been highly commended by the residents of Caratal Village, Georgetown, for its quick action in containing a house fire last Saturday, March 27.{{more}}

The fire occurred sometime before 5 pm.

Residents say the aged, wooden structure was entirely engulfed in flames in quick time.

As a result, three persons are now homeless.

Keron Daniel, one of the residents of the now destroyed abode, told SEARCHLIGHT that he and his older brother left their home to purchase animal feed nearby, at about 4:45 pm.

The two own a number of animals, five of which were lost as a result of the fire.

Daniel said that when the two were making their way back, they saw their mother running in their direction shouting “Fire, fire!”

All the family’s personal items were also destroyed.

A nearby resident said that she saw smoke and then a ball of fire.

But there is still a sigh of relief that more families were not affected, as two neighbouring houses were also affected by the blaze.

However, thanks to the swift response and action taken by nearby villagers and members of the Fire Department, the two concrete structures were spared.

One resident told SEARCHLIGHT that he was on his way back from church when someone informed him that his grandmother’s house, which is in close proximity to the wooden house, was also on fire.

His grandmother’s house was partially damaged, but the contented neighbour said that he was grateful for the efficiency and professionalism displayed by the Fire Department in having the fire contained.