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A steady down pour of rain on Heroes Day

A steady down pour of rain on Heroes Day

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Whoever thought that Chief Joseph Chatoyer should not be regarded as a National Hero should probably re-think that position, as blessings came from above on his special day.{{more}}

Or perhaps the rest of the general public should thank those who have been praying for the rains to come.

Those prayers were answered on Monday morning when the heavens opened releasing some much needed rain.

According to the Meteorological Office at the E.T Joshua Airport at Arnos Vale, a total of 13.44 mm of rain fell between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Monday, March 15.

A total of 21.2 mm fell between 8 p.m Sunday, March 14, and 2 p.m Monday.

This has been the most rainfall accumulated since October of 2009 when there were three occasions where the rainfall went over the 20 mm mark; the 5th (25.3 mm), 6th (25.2 mm) and the 16th (25.0 mm).

“It was a heavy, steady rainfall – it didn’t fall and stop – so it impacted positively,” Joan Ryan, Public Relations and Marketing Manager of the Central Water and Sewerage Authority, told SEARCHLIGHT.

More so, it was good news for the tanks at Majorka, Montreal and Dallaway, the three worst affected by the extensive period of dry weather.

“We definitely saw some serious results,” Ryan said.

She further explained that some of the tanks that had less than half were now past that, while others that were near to full capacity had topped off nicely.

As a result, residents throughout the country living at higher altitudes and who are fed from these reservoirs were also able to receive a constant supply of water for the first time in a while.

“If we are able to get this once or twice a week, we would be in a better off position,” she contended.

However, customers are being warned that we are still not in the clear.

Ryan said that the water conservation bulletins were going to continue until we have passed the worst.