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Holiday satisfy screaming fans

Holiday satisfy screaming fans

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A CHANGE in date may have been the reason for the small turnout at the Aquatic Club last Sunday night, but those present for the eagerly anticipated, much hyped

J Holiday experience were far from displeased by his performance.{{more}}

The small but appreciative crowd; made up primarily of women, made the most of the R&B crooner’s short time on stage, singing along to the songs they were familiar with, while screaming in unison when the artiste, born Nahum Grymes, gyrated as he belted out songs from his critically acclaimed albums.

Holiday performed his more popular hits like “It’s Yours”, “Suffocate” and “Bed” from his 2008 album “Back Of My ‘Lac’”, and others less known offerings from his most recent release “Round Two”.

After his stage performance, Holiday did what most performers would not do; feeling the love of the audience he exited the stage and mingled with fans on the dance floor, signing autographs and posing for photos.

Sunday’s show had been postponed from its February 26th date, due to a snowstorm in the United States which prevented him from travelling.

His St. Vincent and the Grenadines show was just one of three tour dates in the Caribbean.

The show, organized by Mpire Entertainment, offered partygoers a break from the all too popular reggae/ dancehall and soca shows that they would have been accustomed.

Spokespersons for Mpire Entertainment indicated that a number of other R&B singers, the likes of Usher, T Pain and others are expected to grace these shores in the not too distant future.