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CW Prescod Primary has Easter pan event

CW Prescod Primary has Easter pan event

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Sweet pan melodies emanated from the CW Prescod Primary School yard as the school held its 3rd Easter Pan.{{more}}

The event featured the school’s steel orchestra and entertained parents, students, teachers and guests with renditions of gospel hymns. The event took place at the school on March 10, 2010.

Speaking at the event, headteacher of the school Hyacinth Harry lauded the school on its progress: “As we grow older, we get better,” Harry said.

Harry boasted that the CW Prescod ‘is like a nursery’ that nurtures students to create all-round individuals. The school, Harry says, does this by not only focusing on academics alone, but on various programmes that help to develop the child.

Highlighting the benefits of music education Harry said that it could help in building self-esteem and eliminate behavioral problems. She added that a lot of CW Prescod’s students have been seen rushing to the Pan room during their free time, which shows their enthusiasm for learning music.

The school also teaches violin, and has three choirs in the infant, junior and senior categories. The music teacher is Kesslon Wilson.

The orchestra played various hymns and popular choruses to near perfection, while the students, parents and teachers sang along delightfully. The renditions included “Peter was a Fisherman”, “God’s not Dead”, “I Have a Joy, Joy, Joy Down in my Heart” and “I am Wonderfully Made”.