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Carlos Tyril wins IADC Logo competition

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The International Airport Development Company (IADC), now has a logo. The logo was selected from a field of 33 entries submitted during the IADC’s Logo Competition held in December of 2009.{{more}}

The winning logo was submitted by young web designer Carlos Tyril. His entry was deemed to be the one which best reflects the image of the company and would undoubtedly help to build its identity.

The logo reflects the colours of the national flag which shows that the company recognizes that the Argyle Airport Project is a national one that would benefit all Vincentians. It also shows a significant amount of movement signifying the upward movements that this country is expected to see as a result of the spill-offs from the Argyle International Airport, for example the upward climb economically through increased investments and socially through our interaction with people of different countries and cultures, made possible through improved access.

At Monday’s prize giving ceremony, two consolation prizes were also awarded. The 2nd prize of a Canon digital camera and a hamper went to Reni King, and the 3rd prize of an Ipod Shuffle and a hamper went to Saeed Kydd. For his winning logo, Carlos Tyril received an Acer Net Book and a hamper compliments Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket.

Speaking at the prize giving ceremony, CEO of the IADC Dr. Rudy Matthias, noted that most of the entries were submitted by young people and expressed happiness that the young people are taking an interest in the project. He noted that even though his generation would not benefit as much from the airport as the younger generation would, it is nonetheless their duty to lay a proper foundation for them.

According to Dr. Matthias, a young person would from henceforth be associated with the image of the IADC and would be remembered as the person who skillfully crafted the logo which has been selected to be the symbol for which the IADC and the new airport stands.

The IADC anticipates that once this logo is established it would distinguish this company from all other companies and would truly become a notable symbol in this country and beyond.