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Accident survivors happy to be alive

Accident survivors happy to be alive

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Ronnique Sutherland and Calbert Shallow say that they remember very little of what took place during the fatal crash last Saturday morning.{{more}}

Nevertheless, they have acknowledged how lucky they are to have survived.

Up to press time, Sutherland was still a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital nursing a fractured left leg and arm and had undergone surgery to remove two toes on her left foot; “I thank God that I am alive,” Sutherland told SEARCHLIGHT.

More so, being a mother of a five and seven-year-old, Sutherland further explained that she often thinks about her children almost having to grow up without a mother.

She said that she is thankful that she has been given a chance to see her 24th birthday on March 18, although she says that it may be spent in the hospital recovering.

Sutherland added that she was trying to cope with the news of her sister’s death.

There was a time when Ronnique was in a position to assist her mother in taking care of her younger sibling.

Now she will have to depend on her mother, June Sutherland, who told SEARCHLIGHT that she intends on being there for her daughter.

Meanwhile, Shallow, who was sitting in the front seat of the vehicle involved in the crash, said that he was unable to recall what took place.

His only recollection was the wheel making contact with the pavement.

Shallow was discharged on Monday after being treated for a blow he received to the lower back.

Marcia Shallow, mother of Calbert, said that the initial reports indicated that her son was among those who died in the wreck.

Those rumours were quickly dispelled after she said that she saw her son lying on a hospital bed, very much alive.

“When I saw him alive, I felt happy,” Shallow said.

She added that she was still coming to grips with what took place, saying it, could have been her son lying face down on the road.

“I still have sleepless nights although it was not my child, I understand the pain that the other parents must be going through.”