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Rotary Club South treats patrons to the Love List

Rotary Club South treats patrons to the Love List

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‘The Love List’, a play presented by the Rotary Club South last weekend, opens with Bill and his buddy Leon discussing the former’s lack of a love life. Bill is an apparently happy and successful statistician.{{more}}

But his life appears to be devoid of passion, save for numbers, and as Leon observes, it is sad when a man has to be taken out for his fiftieth birthday by his friend rather than his wife or girlfriend.

As it turns out, Leon has a solution: The Love List.

He produces a form he has acquired from a mysterious source, on which he and Bill write down the 10 qualities Bill most desires in a woman.

The men’s opinion on what takes priority on the list differs drastically as their contrasting views clash; Bill is more reserved, occupying most of his time with work, while Leon takes pride in being a womanizer.

Much to their surprise, the woman they created comes to life and Bill’s world is turned upside down as he learns about himself, perfection and the pursuit of happiness.

From then on, the action gets crazy and life for Bill becomes an exercise in being careful about what he wishes for.

The play ends with both men learning lessons about life and more importantly, love.

The comedy, written by Canadian playwright Norman Foster, was staged at the Peace Memorial Hall from February 19 to 21, with the proceeds collected being put towards the ongoing International Hospital for Children Project.