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Inland Revenue gives tax education

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The Inland Revenue department held their annual customer appreciation day last Friday, 27 March.

The event was just one in a series of activities held every March to create tax payer awareness and remind Vincentians of the 31 March deadline for filing income tax returns.{{more}}

Persons were treated to live steel pan music and a small selection of soups and light snacks – all in an effort to make sure they were comfortable and felt appreciated while paying their taxes, according to Comptroller Kelvin Pompey.

Pompey said the activities were designed to encourage voluntary compliance. He believes it is the Inland Revenue Department’s obligation to remind its “valued” tax payers of the deadline so they avoid the high penalties and interest which are accrued when payments are made late.

In addition to the Customer Appreciation Day, the Inland Revenue Department held other activities including a tax drive, a tax exhibition, a picnic at Owia Salt Pond and a career day which saw employees come to work dressed in the uniforms of other professions.

Pompey contended that this was marketing in a unique way as it draws people in the door and gets them talking about taxation, which is the intended purpose.

Pompey also credits the annual Tax Awareness Month of activities in March with reducing administrative costs since its inception.

“Not only has it educated the public,” he said, “but it has made running the department easier.”(SC)