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CW Prescod School’s Gospel Fest a success

CW Prescod School’s Gospel Fest a success

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An array of musical talent was on display when C.W. Prescod Primary School (CWPPS) held their revamped choir festival last week Thursday, March 26, at the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Sharpe Street.{{more}}

The event, which originated as the school’s annual Easter choir festival 5 years ago, took on a more divine feel this year when it transformed into the CWPPS Gospel Festival.

Headteacher Hyacinth Harry said the event aimed to showcase her students’ talents and creativity while reminding them of the eternal presence of God.

Harry said the choir festival had become a much anticipated celebration on the school’s annual calendar, for students and parents alike. As such, she said they hope to include parents from next year, a move welcomed by Fabian James, a parent of a student at CWPPS. James believes the event inspires children to follow the correct path in life and encouraged other parents to support the school’s effort.

The new format received praise from the Chairman of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Gospel Festival Committee, Fidel Taylor. A specially invited guest, Taylor said his organization will adopt the event as part of this year’s National Gospel Fest activities which launched on 17 March.

He believed the CWPPS event complements the National festival, in that it achieves similar objectives of promoting a healthier lifestyle in Christ.

Taylor, a past president of the school’s Parent Teacher Association, contended that such events were “life-transforming” for youths. He believed more events like these were needed in SVG to help curb rising levels of violence and crime among young people.

“We tend to focus on academic development and not on spiritual development,” he said. “remember, man is soul and spirit.”

In his brief remarks, Taylor also announced the introduction of the National Schools’ Gospel Festival competition scheduled for late April this year.

The event began with a medley of songs led by Grade 5 teacher, Judith Jordon-Tucker, and saw performances from Grade sixers all the way down to Kindergarteners. Students entertained the large audience with a variety of poems, songs, instrumental melodies and scripture readings. A skit chronicling the final moments of Jesus’ life attracted passing tourists, while the school’s dance troupe’s interpretation of the popular Christian song “I Know My Redeemer Lives” received rapturous applause from the crowd.

The audience was also treated to a saxophone medley by past student Bacchus E. Andrews, before a steel pan rendition ended the ceremony. (SC)