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Police Band a hit in Chateau

Police Band a hit in Chateau

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Allegations of brutality by members of the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) in the North Leeward area have been widely reported within recent times. However, one section of the police force, which has been “hitting” people from all walks of life throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) for years, has been given little coverage.{{more}}

In a hectic schedule, which included playing at seventeen concerts over the past month, the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Band treated residents to musical hits at the various outdoor Christmas concerts held around the country.

According to Station Sergeant Bernard “Jam Back” Haynes, three new venues: Redemption Sharpes, Paul’s Avenue and Rose Place were added to their itinerary this year, as an initiative by the Commissioner of Police to foster better relations with the public. Prizes were also given to children who competed in singing “Away in a manger”. These prizes were funded by members of the police band.

This year, also, the Largo Height Steel Orchestra, which is funded by the Social Investment Fund (SIF) as part of the Pan against Crime Initiative, played with the police band in Redemption Sharpes and Chateaubelair.

The first concert took place at Belair on December 2 and the final one was at Mission Corner in Chateaubelair on December 22. The latter activity turned out to be a jam session, with hundreds of people dancing in the streets.

One resident said “Dis ah way dey mus do: brutalize we wid music!”

Gone are the days when the police band was just drums, cymbals and brass. Today the band employs guitars and keyboards, along with its traditional instruments, and the vocalists can belt out songs of various genres from R’n’B to reggae and soca.

Band Leader, Assistant Superintendant of Police (ASP) Carlos Sampson, who hails from Chateaubelair, told SEARCHLIGHT that it is a thrill for him to play in his hometown, and that’s why he always leaves Chateaubelair for last.

Haynes said that they had the best times in Fancy and Chateaubelair in terms of crowd participation. He also said that he would like to thank the public for their support through the years. He encouraged youngsters to apply to become band cadets so that they can fill the vacancies that presently exist in the band.