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LIME brings Christmas joy

LIME brings Christmas joy

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It’s the event that the needy and shut-ins in the rural communities have been looking forward to all year. It’s the LIME Community Outreach. LIME, the new One Caribbean Company and only full service telecommunications provider, has been warming the hearts of the elderly and needy with gifts of food packages that will make their holiday season brighter.{{more}}

Last week, LIME officials journeyed throughout the length and breadth of St Vincent and the Grenadines to distribute food packages. The program that forms part of the LIME’s calendar of events started more than ten years ago, with nurses from the rural areas requested to submit names of needy persons from their district that require attention, especially at Christmas.

“When the programme started, the list was less that one hundred persons, but has grown over the years, and we can boast of helping over 200 persons this year,” said Sandra Matthews, Vice President Human Resources. “The condition under which some persons live make you want to cry, but we have to lift their spirits and you can see the joy on their faces when they get someone to share a moment or two with them,” Matthews continued.

A well-spoken blind lady, 97, from Rose Bank, could not withhold her emotions when she received her food package. When asked what were her plans for the season, she said: “by the grace of God, I have lived to see another Christmas, and life is hard and I have to thank him for his mercies. I am happy that Cable and Wireless (LIME) remembered me again this year. God bless you all.”

“This year the focus will be on healthy foods since we have lots of diseases like hypertension and diabetes affecting the elderly. We have to encourage and promote healthy lifestyles,” said Acting Country Manager Foster Hannaway. “We have spent over $250 thousand on this programme since its inception, and we hope to continue to give back to those in need in the future.”Villagers from Fitz-Hughes to Fancy on the mainland and Bequia to Union Island were treated this year.

Since the new company was launched in November, Vincentians have been treated to several Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs). Customers have been treated to free boat rides from Bequia on the Bequia Express and MV Admiral, FREE breakfast as Bickles restaurant, FREE bus rides from Georgetown and Spring Village and worked with young footballers from Sion Hill to deliver groceries for customers shopping at supermarkets to the car park.