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SVGTU now the sole owner of its building

SVGTU now the sole owner of its building

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The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union are now the sole owners of their building at McKies Hill.

Wednesday, December 17th, was an historic day for the Union, as they were presented with $30,000 by the St. Vincent Teachers’ Co-operative Credit Union.{{more}}

The presentation was made on the Credit Union’s Customer Appreciation Day to Sheldon Govia, Acting President of the Teachers’ Union.

The money received allows the Teachers’ Union full entitlement of their building. Previously, the Teachers’ Union owned seven-eleventh (7/11) of the investment while the Teachers’ Co-operative Credit Union owned four-eleventh (4/11). The thirty thousand dollars represents the appreciated value of the historical cost of the four-eleventh share of the Co-operative Credit Union’s investment.

Speaking briefly to the media, Curtis King, President of the Teachers’ Co-operative Credit Union, emphasized that the presentation marked a historic event as it allows the Teachers’ Union to own one hundred percent of their building and creates many options for further development.

He also stated that the gesture is a way of showing appreciation to the Teachers’ Union, which was the creator of the Teachers’ Co-operative Credit Union.

Echoing the comments made by King, the SVGTU Acting President agreed that it was indeed an historical occasion and “a dream realized for the Teachers’ Union.” He also expressed his gratitude to the Co-operative Credit union for their support. (OS)