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Secondary School Bible Quiz

Secondary School Bible Quiz

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More emphasis needs to be put into developing the spiritual being of the nation’s youths if the battle against crime, drugs and other negatives is to be won.{{more}}

As he delivered the prizes to the two winners of the anniversary edition of the Scriptural Search, Secondary School Bible Quiz, Joel Jack told SEARCHLIGHT that spiritual education and development must be part of the armory in the fight to keep the nation’s youths on the right path.

“Humans are spiritual beings also. It is like a chair. If you remove one of the legs it will fall,” Jack told SEARCHLIGHT last Monday, December 15.

Cornelius Jones Jr. and Vishnu Carr, of the St Vincent Grammar School and the St Joseph Convent Marriaqua, respectively, walked away with $150, a mobile phone from LIME, and a Bible each.

The cash prize was donated by the General Employees Co-operative Credit Union.

The Secondary School Bible Quiz was organized to encourage the reading, understanding, love, and obedience of the Bible, Jack explained.

The questions are asked on the Scriptural Search radio programme which airs on WE FM 99.9 on Tuesdays at 6pm. The questions are also published in SEARCHLIGHT.

Secondary school students can write in, email, or text in the answers. Each month one winner is drawn from all the correct answers handed in and the winner is given a Bible and $100.

Throughout the year, the St. Vincent Grammar School has had the most winners, with five, and 37 students from 17 secondary schools participated in the special anniversary edition of the quiz.

Both Jones Jr. and Carr said that the Quiz helped to give them spiritual encouragement and urged fellow students to participate. (KJ)