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PM, COP defend Police Officers

PM, COP defend Police Officers

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If acts of police brutality are being committed, they are the actions of “one or two” officers who may step out of line.{{more}}

This is according to Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dr Ralph Gonsalves as he briefly addressed those gathered at the Chamber of Commerce Car Park for the annual Police Christmas Caroling Competition last Saturday, December 13.

Before Dr Gonsalves spoke, the Commissioner of Police (COP) told the audience that they should not believe everything they read and listen to (in the media).

COP Miller said that the police want to establish an almost perfect relationship with the public.

He called on his officers to work and play hard, and said that events like the caroling competition are avenues for the officers to “relieve stress and anger.”

Dr Gonsalves for his part said that the majority of the police force do their work very well and don’t cross the line.

“The police is our first and often last line of protection,” Dr Gonsalves said, as he gave the assurance that transgressions by the police will be addressed.

“Their job is difficult. They need our support,” he said.

During the just concluded 2009 budget debate, Dr Gonsalves announced that the defunct Police Oversight Body will be reconstituted.

The body will be chaired by Rev Victor Job and will include former police officer Charles James and Attorney Ronald Jack.