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Dyer opens Art Exhibition at Carnegie Building

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An art exhibition featuring a collection of recent works by artist Conroy Dyer opened at the National Trust/Carnegie Building on Tuesday, December 16th.{{more}}

Sponsored by the Centre for Enterprise Development Inc. (CED) Business Gateway Project, the Exhibition is showcasing a series of paintings that depicts scenes around the marketplace. The Exhibition is being held under the theme “Mark It”, and runs daily until December 24th.

Speaking at the official opening of the exhibition last night, Dyer, an artist of twenty years, said he has always been attracted to and fascinated by the energy flowing through the marketplace.

CED’s Public Relations Officer, Keisha Phillips, said the Cultural and Creative industry is one of the areas on which they’ve placed renewed emphasis. She said CED Business Gateway recognizes that the Cultural and Creative industry holds much potential for development and the earning of much revenue and, therefore, their objective is to further develop Vincentian players in the industry as artists, crafts persons, entertainers/performers, designers, etc.

Phillips also urged other artists to join with CED Business Gateway to take the Cultural and Creative Industry to the level it has never reached here in St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

“CED Business Gateway applauds Mr. Dyer’s efforts and wishes him success. At the same time we wish to appeal to all persons in the Cultural and Creative industry to take advantage of the technical support services we provide that can help to develop your talents and craft into meaningful business opportunities,” Phillips said.

“Remember, having the know-how to write or sing a great song or paint a magnificent piece of art makes you a song writer or artist; to make money out of doing this, you must be able to market yourself and your craft as a business, you must be able to cost and price, keep records, make projections, manage the finances. We are all too aware of the quick rise to fame and fall of many persons in this sector. To prevent this you must be entrepreneurial. That is what is going to make the difference. CED can help you to make that difference. The question is, are you ready?”

Phillips said there is no shortage of creativity in this sector, but cautioned that it must be channeled; hence CED Business Gateway is here to assist.

The art exhibition aims to act as a medium to showcase home-grown talent and serve as an impetus to motivate other artists, especially the youth, to alternative career choices; and to provide viewers with alternative, locally-produced items that can be purchased as Christmas gifts or as souvenirs by visitors.

Mr Dyer teaches Visual Art at the Thomas Saunders Secondary School.