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New year, new rules for Peace Mo Hall

New year, new rules for Peace Mo Hall

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Rules governing the use and abuse of cell phones, dress codes and eating and drinking restrictions are to be enforced at the Peace Memorial Hall come 2009.{{more}}

That revelation was made by Culture Minister Rene Baptiste last Saturday, as she addressed those gathered at the venue for the closing of the NCB National Drama Festival.

Baptiste indicated that with a new board in charge of the operations of the building, which turned 57 years old last Sunday, things are about to change.

The Minister indicated that a proper dress code will be expected for certain events taking place at the Hall, and the no eating and drinking rule will be strictly enforced.

Currently, eating and drinking is disallowed in the auditorium, but soon the chewing of gum will be forbidden as well.

The Minister also spoke of the use of cellular phones in the auditorium, which she said was a sign of disrespect for the organizers of an event or the person/people performing or speaking.

“When you travel overseas, you would know what its like to be in an auditorium. When the event starts there is complete silence, not the cross talking that you hear here.”

Baptiste spoke briefly of the soon to be constructed Centre for the Performing Arts, and said that patrons of that venue would have to adhere to international standards.

“We have to lift our game,” she said.

The Centre for The Performing Arts, when constructed, will feature, among other things, seating for close to one thousand, an orchestra pit and a hydraulic stage.

The new six-member Memorial Hall Board includes Chairman Sylvia Williams, Vice Chairman Sean Frederick, Lafayette Johnson-James, among others. (JJ)