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Lottery bosses reflect on 25 year anniversary

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As the National Lotteries Authority prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary next year, Chairman of the Board of Directors Murray Bullock believes that greater things are in store for the organization, and in effect the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines through sports and culture.{{more}}

Bullock, speaking at the launch of the company’s website on Wednesday, said that the general public’s support of the various television and scratch games has caused the NLA to see a tremendous increase in the level of business.

“We have seen a landmark innovation which is through the introduction of the twice a day draw for 3D. It has resulted in a phenomenal increase of our business.”

It had been stated in previous press conferences, that although there is an increase in all game sales, 3D is the highest grossing.

Bullock indicated that the increase in sales is helping the NLA to fulfill its mandate; the development of sports and culture in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Bullock gave a list of some of the projects that the NLA is currently involved in, and looked at some future endeavors.

“We are currently involved in the extensive refurbishment of the Triangle (in Arnos Vale). That should be completed before Christmas. Prior to that, we have completed enhancement, fencing and general improvement of the South Rivers Primary School.”

“Ongoing is our development of the Victoria Park, and we continue to develop our plans for the development of the Performing Arts Centre.”

The Chairman thanked all customers and supporters of the NLA’s games and promotions and encouraged them to continue supporting the efforts of the organization.

He also recognized the efforts of his board, the General Manager McGregor Sealy and the Staff of the NLA. (JJ)