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‘Caribbean owes ULP debt of gratitude’

‘Caribbean owes ULP debt of gratitude’

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Barbadian Political activist and Attorney David Commissiong has advised that the only response to the present international financial and economic crisis is for us in the Caribbean to come back to the idea of the Caribbean Civilisation.{{more}}

Commissiong was speaking last Saturday at a rally at Black Point, held to celebrate Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves’ fortieth year as a Political activist.

He made the point, that it is Prime Minister Gonsalves who is leading the cause to look more “seriously at how we can come together and unite in this Caribbean using the concept of the Caribbean being a civilization.” He believes if the concept is strengthened it will “ride out the tremendous international economic crisis”.

Commissiong said the Caribbean owes the ULP a debt of gratitude for giving “this great son of the Caribbean a platform for doing the tremendous work that he is doing in St Vincent and the Grenadines and the entire Caribbean region.”

He noted that Gonsalves is carrying a “tremendous historic burden” at this time in the history of the Caribbean because he is virtually the last of a generation of Caribbean leaders which included Walter Rodney, Maurice Bishop and Rosie Douglas. (VM)