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Bowmans blast off with Bowmarang for Christmas

Bowmans blast off with Bowmarang for Christmas

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A new musical touch has been added to Christmas this year.

The musical Bowman family of Kingstown Park is heating up Christmas with the launch of their new album -’Bowmarang.’

This eight track compilation is a groovy mix of soca parang and a bit of R & B, ideal for setting a true Caribbean feeling to Christmas.{{more}}

The songs that mainly hit our airwaves at Christmas are North American songs that give a cold snowy feeling and songs that almost seem monotonous after being repeated generation after generation. However, this third album of Christmas songs compiled by the Bowmans is truly a reflection of the warm Caribbean atmosphere. The album also makes it a total of 23 Christmas songs composed by the family.

The eight refreshing tunes are suited for the home, but at the same time have the potential to set the tone for a party in true Vincy and Caribbean style.

The album is being sold in the record shops for EC$40 or from any member of the Bowman family. It starts off with a song from Ricky that speaks about the importance of coming home for Christmas since there is no place like home. The tempo is turned up with the second tune entitled ‘Christmas Party’ whose lyrics highlight the Nine Morning Celebrations with persons from all walks of life; the celebration of the life of Jesus; the drinks consumed at the Christmas parties, as well as the meat and salt ham eaten.

‘Sunshine’ the sixth track on the album by Lennox Bowman, has a smooth rythym that is sure to propel the track into a major hit. Lennox sings about the beautiful Caribbean sunshine, falling in love, and opportunities that the Christmas season brings.

This is followed by a beautiful R&B rendition by his daughter Michaella dubbed ‘Have Yourself a Merry Christmas’.

This particular album has tremendous variety, said Lennox, as he gave praises to the three producers who worked on the album: Godfrey ‘Cherry’ Ince, Kamal Archibald and Adrian Bailey.

Lennox noted that the album is dedicated to his mother Jeannine Bowman. Lennox added that he is satisfied with the repertoire of Christmas songs the family is developing and he is proud the Bowmans are playing a lead role in this regard.

“We try to capture the spirit of Christmas with appropriate songs that look at the spiritual, social and even commercial side of Christmas,” said Bowman.

2009 will mark 25 years since the Bowman family has been doing Christmas songs together.

Lennox said the family has been driven by three main objectives when composing the songs: Produce local Christmas music that captures a Vincentian and Caribbean spirit, encourage other young artistes to produce Christmas music, and recognize that if St.Vincent and the Grenadines is to achieve the objective of having the best Christmas in the world it must have an adequate amount of local music to support the effort. (HN)