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Vincentian Valston Graham called to the Bar in the BVI

Vincentian Valston Graham called to the Bar in the BVI

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The Vincentian Association and the wider Vincentian Community in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) received a welcome boost on Tuesday, November 24th, when a son of Vincentian soil and a former police officer in the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) was called to the bar in the BVI.{{more}}

Valston Graham – from the Lowmans Windward community, was presented to Her Ladyship Justice Rita Olivetti at a ceremony in the Road Town High Court Tuesday, attended my many police officers, friends and relatives.

Graham, who will serve as a Crown Counsel in the Director of Public Prosecutions Office in the BVI, was presented by Queen’s Counsel – Gerard Farara.

Graham served in the local police force for 14 years and reached the rank of Inspector before he resigned in October this year to take up duties in the DPP’s office.

Graham previously served in the Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force and the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.

Farara, in presenting Graham, said it is not only a moment of celebration for the BVI but also his native land – St Vincent and the Grenadines .

Farara reminded Graham of the importance of honesty and integrity as a Lawyer.

Meanwhile, senior Lawyer Dr. J.S. Archibald QC, who was jovial in his remarks, said he first met Graham at a police function and he found him to be one of good character by the way he danced.

“The first time I met Mr Graham was on the dance floor. It was a Christmas party for the police force. Now, I grew up as a classical dancer trained in the Caribbean and in England, and I could judge a man’s character by how he dances and I found him to be a person of dignity – he was not one of these men who would ‘wukup’ as they say – at all, he danced and respected women, so this was my first knowledge of this young man,” Archibald said.

Former Police Commissioner – now lawyer and At Large Representative – for the Ruling Virgin Islands Party, Hon. Vernon Malone, said he is pleased to witness yet another Police officer called to the Bar.

“I am indeed delighted, honoured, to witness yet another police officer destroying the myth that police officers have brawn only and no brain – may this myth die of natural causes for ever”, Malone said.

In his remarks, Graham thanked the many people who assisted him in achieving his goal. He admitted that the profession is a very noble one and promised to do his best to uphold it.

“This is a moment I have waited for many years,” he said. He thanked the many persons, including his family in the BVI and those in St Vincent and the Grenadines. “My success today is as a result of their moral and financial support, the encouragement and prayers,” Graham said.

“I would like to thank my mother and father Unicee and Lester Graham, who, though not here today and are in St Vincent and the Grenadines, instilled in me from an early age that discipline, commitment and persistence (which) are essential ingredients in order to achieve success in life”.