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Splectron makes a return with tv programme

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After being missing in action for about six months from national television, a popular programme is scheduled to make a grand return to screens this weekend.{{more}}

Locally produced show Rush Hour, will return tomorrow night, in a shorter version with more family friendly content and a new name.

The show, which is hosted by Regis ‘Splectron’ Williams will now be called Magic Gate TV and run for half hour.

Williams said the programme had been off air since June this year because of financial constraints. He apologized to fans for its absence.

“We had to clear up a substantial amount of monies that was outstanding to SVGTV,” Williams said. “But now we are back to please you all once again.”

Also the producer of the show, Williams said that the programme will head in a family focused direction, in response to the requests of fans of the show. It will air from 9:30 to 10pm.

“There will be a children’s segment called ‘Just for Kids’. This will showcase talented preteens. We will also have a Christian segment called ‘Bless Up’ and a segment called ‘What women want’ and a soon to come ‘Teen to Teen’ segment.”

Splectron says that he plans to assist local artistes in the making of music videos at a ‘next to nothing’ cost, stating that there are a number of good local songs without related videos.

“Look at (Soca Monarch) Skinny Fabulous’ song ‘Head Gone’, it mashing up the world but it don’t have no video.”

“I want all our artistes to have a video on local, regional or international tv by 2010.”

Although it will be a shorter version of the programme that most persons are accustomed to, fans of Magic Gate TV can be assured that they will get as entertaining a programme as before. (JJ)