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RSS officers debate during training session

RSS officers debate  during training session

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The role of the Regional Security System (RSS) in the face of a changing regional environment, was one of the topics up for debate by law enforcement officers taking part in a RSS four-week training course which concluded last week.{{more}}

Officers involved in the month long exercise gathered at the Haddon Hotel on Thursday, November 28, where they debated issues related to the 120-strong member team, made up of police and military officers from eight countries.

In topic number one debated by the 19 officers: “The changing security environment has confronted the RSS with a plethora of unforeseen challenges,” the mandate, role and capabilities of the system was reviewed, and recommendations were made on ways to upgrade their efforts and sustainability.

In their presentations, the officers lamented mainly the financial restrictions which hamper them from performing their duties effectively throughout the region.

The scarcity and in some cases the absence of assets and resources was cited as another shortcoming of the system.

Recommendations were made for the increase of financial input into the RSS, which would alleviate some of the problems that the members are faced with.

Topic number two: “The formation of security pacts and other developments within our region has rendered the RSS irrelevant,” was also discussed.

The issues were debated to a three member panel which consisted of Commissioner of Police Keith Miller, Chief Immigration Officer Randolph Rogers and Regional Security

Co-ordinator Grantley Watson.

The course, which was used as preparation for staff and command positions in the RSS and their individual organizations, came to an end on Friday November 29th with a graduation ceremony at the Haddon Hotel. (JJ)