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Fisherman Drowns at Cumberland

Fisherman Drowns at Cumberland

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On the afternoon of Friday, November 28th, at around 1:00pm, the close knit community at Cumberland Bay on the Leeward coast experienced a tragic loss when Danroy ‘Dandyman’ Delpesche, a 44-year-old fisherman, disappeared before their eyes not too far from shore.{{more}}

Delpesche, who originally hailed from Rose Bank, lived in the Couls Hill/Cumberland area for over 25 years.

Sidney Prescod told SEARCHLIGHT that earlier that day, he was in Spring Village with Dandyman who did some grocery shopping, following which they had a few drinks. According to Prescod, Dandyman then left for Cumberland. “That is the last time I see him. I will really miss him,” Prescod said.

Tyrone Scarborough said that Dandyman had been drinking and in fact had been drunk when he took a surfboard and went out to a yacht that was coming in. According to reports, after the yacht passed, he tried to stand on the surfboard and apparently fell or jumped off and began swimming, then disappeared.

Girlyn Stephens, who operates Stevens Hideout Bar and Restaurant on the beach, told SEARCHLIGHT that after Dandyman disappeared, Scarborough shouted “Oh God, E dead now”.

A boat was launched to look for him, but he was not found. The coastguard also searched, but to no avail. “He was troublesome to me. Everyday we had it out, but I will miss him,” Stephens said.