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Vincentians to get a taste of Silver Kiss rum soon

Vincentians to get a taste of Silver Kiss rum soon

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In just a matter of weeks, Vincentians, then ultimately the rest of the world, will be introduced to what only a few have savored so far; what is considered the most unique rum found in the Caribbean, if not the world.{{more}}

And just one month after the launch of Silver Kiss Rum, General Manager of SKR Beverages Ltd Terrence Marksman says that the drinks, which are expected to take the market by storm, will be on supermarket shelves in time for the Christmas holidays.

The rums, which will be available initially in Wax Apple, Plum Rose and Carambola (Five Finger) will be followed by the Dragon fruit in the near future.

Marksman said that the all-natural blend of fruit, 100 per cent proof rum and spices will stand out from the other liquors because of its uniqueness.

“Our product is not one which one would expect from a Caribbean rum,” Marksman said. “Our taste is refreshingly different. We have no artificial flavors, no added sugars, no added preservatives and colour. It’s all natural, not synthetic like the other flavored rums out there.”

Marksman revealed that the fruits for this product are obtained from local farmers and indicated that his company is willing to offer financial assistance to persons willing to grow the crops that are being used for SKR Beverages.

According to the general manager, the early responses to the product have been very positive, and he sees the demand for it growing as soon as it hits the market.

“Most people, the women, are requesting the plumrose flavour, while most men are asking about the Carambola.”

In the near future, the company will be expanding to the production of wine coolers, then the alcohol free drinks for the school children and non alcohol consumers.

Marksman indicated that his company plans to heavily market Silver Kiss Rums overseas, including an exhibit at the St. Lucia Rum Fest early next year.

He indicated that there is a lot of interest in the product in the United States and the European Union.

Marksman said that full production at the Campden Park based factory is to begin in a week or two, and soon the rest of the nation will be able to enjoy what has been tasted by few to date. (JJ)