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ULP bringing new blood for 2010 elections battle

ULP bringing new blood for 2010 elections battle

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The Unity Labour Party (ULP) is looking for new blood to take the party into the 2010 general elections and beyond.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves used the occasion of the ULP’s 15th National Convention last Sunday November 23rd, to rally the party delegates and reinforce the importance of the party being in a state of readiness, not just for 2010 but also the 2015 elections.{{more}}

“In 2010, we have to make sure that there are some young turks running as candidates,” he said.

Dr Gonsalves, who along with Sir Louis Straker, Edwin Snagg and Juliet George were re-elected unopposed as Political leader, Deputy Political Leader, Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the party, respectively, outlined the various successes of his government.

He suggested that his government’s success has ensured that the New Democratic Party is on the verge of political death.

As he stated his case about his government’s work in the development of the country, Dr Gonsalves accused the opposition of not being serious about working together for the better of the country.

He said that they have a distorted view of togetherness.

“They mean keeping all the New Democratic Party squares in top position in government and public enterprises,” he said.

Dr Gonsalves said that crucial development has been seen in the areas of education, housing, health, airport, sports, among others.

He also touted his government’s good governance which he said is seen in its championing of constitutional among other reform exercises and the country’s “principled and pragmatic” foreign policy.

“On none of these things have any of our critics mounted a credible or sustained assault,” he declared.

The opposition’s withdrawal from the constitutional reform process was just one of many areas in which they drew sharp criticism from the Prime Minister.

“We will like them to come back, but if they don’t come back, we will do what we have to do,” he said.

He called on the party’s membership to be more supportive of the party.

“Support your family, support your church, be focused at your work place, love your country and keep working for it and support your party, too,” he said, as he cautioned members about putting other organizations that they may be in above their political party.

In a convention that General Secretary of the ULP Julian Francis described as a huge success, fraternal greetings were brought by representatives from the Barbados Labour Party, the National Democratic Congress of Grenada and the People’s National Party of Jamaica.

Francis said that the move from the St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua to the Campden Park Secondary School was a political strategy that paid off.

Dr Gonsalves was also presented with a plaque on behalf of the ULP by his former rival, turned colleague, turned advisor, Sir Vincent Beache, on the occasion of his 40th anniversary of political activism.

Sir Vincent described Dr Gonsalves as one of the outstanding leaders of this generation.

The ULP will host a rally in Dr Gonsalves’ honour on December 6, at Black Point Bay.