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Med student to launch ‘The Power of a Dream’

Med student to launch ‘The Power of a Dream’

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After two years of hard work and research, Quamme Joseph is set to launch a motivational book, ‘The Power of a Dream’, which he believes can inspire people to achieve greatness.

Grenadian-born Joseph, who is a medical student at the St. George’s University, visited SEARCHLIGHT to promote his upcoming book launch.{{more}} It will take place at the Peace Memorial Hall on December 2nd, 2008, at 5 p.m. He will also be conducting book signings in Bequia and Union Island – the dates of which are yet to be announced.

Describing the book, Joseph explained: “The book teaches you how to be the best in everything you would like to be or do… how to pursue your dreams.” He recalled that he had been motivated to start the book because so many young people are unwilling to persevere to fulfill their goals. Joseph noted that too many people have succumbed to the “get rich quick” mentality, and become disheartened when their goals don’t materialize as soon as they would like. He further lamented the fact that too many of his friends and family have strayed off course. “They have deviated from their dreams…,” he rued.

In his opinion, the North American hip-hop culture has not done the youths any favours, but instead has had a negative effect. “It doesn’t really fit into our Caribbean way of life,” Joseph stated.

‘The Power of a Dream’ is available to purchase at Gaymes Bookstore (the main distributor), Book Traders, Bequia Bookstore, Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket, E.T Joshua Airport and other stores throughout the island.

Joseph shared that he intends to start a ‘Positive Dreams’ project, whereby he will be visiting schools and prisons to deliver motivational speeches. He expressed a keen desire to help youths get away from the gun and drug culture that is ravaging society. (JSV)