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Dr. Ferguson: PNP victory better for region

Dr. Ferguson: PNP victory better for region

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The thrust towards deeper regional integration with more purposeful involvement from Jamaica will be more easily attainable if the People’s National Party (PNP) is returned to power.{{more}}

Speaking at the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) 15th annual convention last Sunday, Vice President of the PNP, Dr Fenton Ferguson, said that the PNP’s history, from its birth under Jamaican national hero, Norman Washington Manley, has always been in support of regional integration, unlike its bitter rival, the Jamaican Labour Party.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT after the convention’s open session, Dr Ferguson said that the JLP has always been against integration.

Dr Ferguson said that the PNP supports this country’s Prime Minister’s passion for regional integration.

Prime Minister Gonsalves was recently very critical of what be believes to be Jamaica’s passive attitude towards regional integration under Bruce Golding.

Addressing the PNP’s own restructuring following their defeat at the hands of Golding and the JLP on September 3, 2007, Dr Ferguson posited that the PNP is reassessing itself and posturing itself to regain power at the next general elections.

Ferguson, along with other key members of the PNP leadership, supported Dr Peter Philips in his recent bid to oust former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller as the president of the party.

On September 20, Simpson Miller whipped Dr Philips to maintain her position, warding off what was an unprecedented challenge of a sitting president of the PNP.

Dr Ferguson admitted to SEARCHLIGHT that all isn’t yet well within the ranks.

“We will admit that all is not cemented in terms of healing, but we recognize that it is going to be a process, but as far as we are concerned, it is on a path of recovery.”

Ferguson and Dr Wickham Mc Neal, who also supported Dr Philip’s challenge of Simpson Miller, were both specially assigned to bring greetings to Dr Gonsalves and the ULP on the PNP and Simpson Miller’s behalf.

“Our mission now is uniting the party,’ he said. (KJ)