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Students suspended from North Union

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There seems to be a problem brewing at the North Union Secondary School, which has seen over 20 students serving suspension since last week.{{more}}

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the students were suspended because of various disciplinary problems including absenting themselves from class while on the school’s compound.

Searchlight understands that those students were told not to return to school unless their parents accompanied them.

Just one week prior to the students’ suspension, police had to be called in to settle a dispute involving a cutlass on the school premises.

A well-placed source told SEARCHLIGHT that some of the problematic students bring their wars from their various communities to the school, which creates a nuisance. “We can’t have a small number of students disrupting those who want to learn and drastic measures had to be taken,” The source said.

According to the source, while there is security presence at the school, much more needs to be done to improve the quality of the service. Our source said that the school is in a rebuilding process and does not want such incidents to tarnish the institution’s reputation.

Our source lamented that many of the students weren’t taking their education seriously. The source also blamed parents for some of the disciplinary problems. “There needs to be greater involvement in education from parents. They are not doing their part and they think that the school is a day care centre,” the source said. (KW)