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Buccama Bay Resort Project back on track

Buccama Bay Resort Project back on track

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If work continues at the rate it is presently going, Vincentians will get a glimpse of what the completed Buccama Resort project will look like sooner than expected.

Although the entire project is slated to be handed over around 2010, some phases are expected to be completed in less than a month’s time.{{more}}

Ever since construction at the site in Buccament Bay resumed this September, following the firing of original construction company Ridgeview in May, things are said to be taking shape; and if all projections are correct, St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be the site of one of the best hotel resorts in the region.

A tour of the 70-acre facility with Chief Executive Officer Paudie O’Halloran and Project Manager Gary Petrand revealed that a number of the cabanas are close to the first phase of completion, as well as two apartment complexes located adjacent to the one and two bedroom units.

Petrand indicated that despite some adjustments to the original plans, construction of the cabanas, roads, landscaping and other areas is moving along at full speed ahead.

He said that he expects 70 of the units to be completed by next week, and another 73 along with one of the apartment blocks should be finished by December 19th.

“A lot of design changes and work methods adjustments have taken place, but since we have started, we have covered a fair amount of work. We have a plan and are working towards that plan.

“I think we are doing a great job. With the rate we are going, we should be finished in due time.”

Petrand and O’Halloran attributed the ‘new lease on life’ that the project is experiencing mainly to the attitude and relationship between the close to 300 employees and new management International Construction and Engineering (ICE) group.

“I must put this on record that the work ethic of Vincentian tradesmen and laborers is first class. These guys are producing quality work,” the Irishman boasted.

“I am prepared to take these workers to any other project in the Caribbean or the world that we are involved in.”

The CEO indicated that a number of employees have received in-house training which has increased and improved productivity, and indicated that further training is yet to come.

He boasted that there has been no employee-loss since his company has taken over control of the project.

Management’s ‘open door policy’ has led to a more than a 100 percent increase in productivity in the past four months, O’Halloran claimed.

The employees, who sometimes work more than 14 hours a day, seem content with the new conditions.

The general consensus is that the more than 200 carpenters, masons, welders, painters and laborers say that they are happy with working conditions, and are more motivated to work.

The workers say that they are eager and excited to see the project completed, and believe that barring unexpected bad weather, it will be done on time.

O’Halloran acknowledged that the project is not without problems and expects that there will be more in the future; outstanding debts and the negative stigma left by the previous developers were two cited by the new boss, but he foresees that the hurdles will be overcome and the end product- a first class revenue earner for the local economy, will be well worth the hiccups.

He called for Vincentians to change their attitude and mentality towards the project and embrace it.

“Togetherness is needed if this project is to be more successful, but everyone has to play a part,” he said. (JJ)