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‘Work at project progressing well’

‘Work at project progressing well’

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Work on the Argyle International Airport is progressing well.

Giving a project progress report at an Airline Operators/Managers Symposium at the Methodist Church Hall earlier this week, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves seemed pleased with what has been accomplished so far.{{more}}

The Prime Minister said, at present, the work team is concentrating on clearing and grubbing the area, the demolition of the houses and removing the topsoil in the first kilometre which stretches from the Stubbs Bay Cliff to the intersection at the estates of Colonel Sydney Anderson and the Johnsons of Argyle.

An area measuring 868,410 square metres will be cleared and grubbed, of which 35 per cent or 303,400 square metres has been completed.

The workers are to demolish houses and other buildings standing on 48,915 square metres. At the moment, 9 per cent or 4370 square metres of this has been completed.

Dr.Gonsalves was also pleased to announce that the airport project has already provided employment for 52 Vincentians, many of whom are technical workers.

As to the Wind Studies, he said to date, wind data has been collected and analyzed for nearly three years from weather stations installed in the airport zone.

“The results so far of the wind studies show that there is no significant cross wind component to necessitate the construction of a crosswind runway…even if we have to build a crosswind runway, the cost of it is less than half of one per cent of the total overall cost of the airport. So it is not a significant issue even if we have to build a crosswind runway,” said Dr.Gonsalves.

For 2009, the Prime Minister said the International Airport Develoment Company (IADC) will focus mainly on the continuation of the earthworks over the first kilometre; procurement of professional services for the design of the land side facilities (including the terminal building); the completion of the Stubbs/Rawacou access road; conducting research into and designing the sea defences to the North East end of the runway; preparation of terms of reference and screening of bids for the provision of architectural and construction services for the land side facilities; reviewing and consulting with the public on architectural designs for the land side facilities; completing the master plan for the airport; and selecting, recruiting and initiating training for persons who would work in the airport. (HN)