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Four-day training workshop for incubator managers

Four-day training workshop for  incubator managers

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Managers of business incubators in the Windward Islands completed a four-day training workshop here in St. Vincent recently.{{more}}

The workshop, the second of its kind, was geared towards preparing managers for the challenges associated with the project which is practically new in the region.

Over four days, workshop facilitator, Jamaican Dionne Palmer, took the managers from Grenada, Dominica and St. Vincent and the Grenadines through various areas critical to the effective operation of an incubator.

Areas covered at the workshop included the financing of incubators, the importance of intellectual property, monitoring clients and analysis of the incubation program.

The business incubator programme is designed to guide new and promising entrepreneurs and businesses through their early stages, assisting in a number of areas until the businesses are capable of sustaining themselves.

This country is in the process of developing the programmes here, with funding from the European Union.

Incubators for businesses specializing in Information Communication Technology (ICT) as well as mixed incubators are being developed here. (JJ)