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Chateaubelair baby blessed with Obama’s name

Chateaubelair baby blessed with Obama’s name

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While many around the world celebrate the historic election victory of US President-Elect Barack Obama, many are also naming their sons after him.{{more}}

The name which was a very rare first name in the 1990 US census is African in origin and means blessed; it is also a form of the Hebrew name Baruch.

A search of the registry in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) reveals that there have only been two babies registered with the name so far; one baby was registered in July, while the other, born to a Chateaubelair couple, was registered the morning after Obama’s victory.

The latter’s father Nicky John told SEARCHLIGHT that even though his son was born on 5th of October, he waited until after the elections to register him because he was confident that Obama would win. “I was rooting for Obama from day one”, John said, “and since March I done get my jersey and hat,” he related.

Little Nicolai Barack’s mother said that John was obsessed with Obama. “I am so glad that the election is over so that our life can go back to normal. Even when I just came out of the delivery room, he kept calling me with Obama this and Obama that,” she lamented. She also said that while she was vacationing in New York during the summer holidays, John kept calling her from SVG with Obama stories, even though he knew that she may have been watching those same stories on television.

John said that his ambition is to one day meet Barack Obama. He said he named his son Barack so that he would know that he could achieve any thing in life as long as he educates himself and works hard for it.

With all the furor over his name, Little Barack is oblivious to everything going on around him, but he did smile for our cameras.