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Scriptural Search Bible Quiz celebrates first anniversary

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Scriptural Search Secondary School Bible Quiz is celebrating its first anniversary, and to mark the milestone, students taking part in the competition are being offered “bigger and better” prizes.{{more}}

Speaking to Searchlight on Monday, Joel Jack, organizer of the Quiz, told Searchlight that for this month’s quiz, two winners will each win a Bible, $150 EC, as well as a surprise gift. The challenge for this month’s competition has also increased, with students being required to read three chapters from the Bible and answer four questions.

Jack said the Scriptural Search Bible Quiz is geared towards getting young people to read and understand the Bible. He is optimistic that once they read it, what they

read will be applied to their lives. He wants to see the competition grow, and is hoping that more young people will participate on a regular basis. Jack is urging Principals, Parents and the Ministry of Education to encourage the students to participate in the quiz.

The preacher at the Church of Christ stressed that if St Vincent and the Grenadines is serious about wanting to build a better nation and see the young people go in the right direction, “nothing more than truth, righteousness, unity and eternal life can help to bring about that”. (VM)